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Ottilie's bike and clothing sponsor - Trek UK

Last year I was contacted by the amazing guys at Trek UK to see if I wanted support for my training and racing. I think you can imagine my answer...yes you guessed it, of course I wanted help from one of, if not the biggest bike manufacturers in the world.

Chris Garrison (@PunkassCG) got a bespoke Project One Trek Madone 6 series sent my way. After being bought my very first road bike as a wedding present by my Dad and then I bought myself my very first carbon fancy racer I got the chance to ride a pro's bike! So with the help of my Coach (Rich Smith of GB Tx Cycling and Richard Smith Coaching) and my new Trek Madone I was able to train and race and push myself as hard as possible whilst staying away from hospital as long as possible (now up to a record of 3 months!) and compete in 'normal' races (that's races against regular non-transplant cyclists). 

In August 2014 I won both the road race and time trial at The European Transplant and Dialysis Games in Krakow, Poland on my new Trek Madone Project One.

I also won the road race and time trial at my fourth British Transplant games in Preston last summer (August 2014) winning my 7th and 8th British golds and the overall race too.

Last year was a great year in terms of my development in racing; I earned myself 10 points on my British Cycling race licence, however unfortunately I was 2 points short in gaining my 3rd cat' licence. This year I am aiming to win the triple consecutive gold at The World Transplant Games in Argentina in August and gain my 3rd cat' BC race licence (if I can?).


I was invited last month to Trek UK in Milton Keynes to pick up this year's racing bike. I was speechless (seriously, it doesn't happen that often) my new Trek Madone 7 series was stunning, Mike Jackson (@cclutonjacko) of Trek UK designed me a Project One Madone series 7 with a special Great Britain colour-way for this year's world champs.

Whilst I was away in Mallorca training with my Great Britain Tx Cycling team last month (March 2015) I crashed on the mountain, on Puig Major and was taken to hospital, yes a free ambulance trip thrown into my training camp the day before my birthday. I escaped with just some cuts, bruises and fancy haematoma's on my hip and leg but fortunately no broken bones. My beautiful Trek however didn't, the bike took most of the force and impact of the crash and in essence saved me, well that and my Bontrager helmet saved me from some very serious injuries.

Within a week of returning back to the UK, Trek UK replaced my bike with my race bike from last year whilst they sort out a new one so I could continue my training and racing.

Thank you Trek for believing in me and supporting me in my training and races.

If you want to sponsor or support Ottilie in her quest to become triple world champion at the 2015 World Transplant Games in Argentina  please contact ottiliequince@gmail.com

Supporters & sponsors will be displayed with their good luck messages in due course.

Thank you.

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