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3 Temple H. Fielding, local 1, Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca, 07470

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OQ Service Course is a hub for cyclists providing support for every ride; nutritional products, sports massage, guided rides, daily shop rides, cycling apparel and somewhere to meet other riders/athletes over a free coffee.

Where to find us?
We are in the cycling hotspot of Puerto Pollensa, in the north of Mallorca, just around the corner from the famous restaurant Tolos (home to Sir Bradley Wiggin's time trial world champion bike amongst other beautiful cycling memorabilia) and next door to Pinarello on Temple H. Fielding. 

Run by owner Ottilie Quince, Ottilie saw an opportunity to open somewhere that truly looked after cyclists/athletes here in what we think is the best location to base yourself; at the edge of The Tramuntana mountains, right by the beautiful ride over to the lighthouse at Formentor and on the coast with beautiful beaches and plenty of stunning countryside lanes that allow you to explore the rest of the island.
Ottilie has worked with athletes (and non athletes!) since 2006 in the UK working freelance and full time in professional football (Luton Town FC) for three seasons, she is now based in the stunning Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Mallorca is renowned for it's picturesque cycling lanes, stunning countryside roads and the infamous Tramuntana mountains to train on. 

Ottilie provides Sports Therapy support; deep tissue sports massage, mobility exercises and rehabilitation advice, for pre and/or training/racing so you can book up an appointment to make the very most of your time here in cycling paradise.

Structured guided rides can also be booked up throughout the year for all levels of riders along with motor support for those who want to 'ride like a pro' (or pro's that ride here on their own without their teams!) throughout the week and at weekends here in the beautiful town - Puerto Pollensa.

These structured rides are perfect for riders who want to gradually up their base miles over here in Mallorca as well as build the confidence to know that you can ride switch backs, ascents and descents in the mountainous terrain in gorgeous surroundings as well as on the rolling countryside lush lanes (camis).
Ottilie will cater for small groups of riders; no big groups, no one will get dropped and all riders will develop their riding skills, communication skills, 'through and off' riding technique, overall cardiovascular aerobic fitness and muscular endurance fitness. This is also perfect for you to help develop your overall riding to keep up with your 'other half' and mates who ride and have fun in the process.

Here at OQ Service Course we work with the best local businesses in Mallorca to help you make the most of your time here. Why 'reinvent the wheel' and try to do things other companies excel at? That is why we are happy to recommend the best places to rent bikes, the best mechanics and bike shops, the best places to stay for your individual needs and the best places to visit to see the real Mallorca. That is why in our opinion if you're riding here these are the two things we wouldn't go without;

Firstly bike rescue cover for 20€ a week if you get a mechanical that you cannot repair Mallorca Bicycle Rescue will make sure you (and your bike!) get back home safely. They do great offers on shorter breaks and longer ones too, check out their website for all of their recovery packages. Mallorca Bicycle Rescue Mallorca Bicycle Rescue

Secondly we think all riders should experience the 'bus out, bike back experience' courtesy of Mallorca Cycle Shuttle. Whether it's the 312 sportive you've signed up for and need to get to the start line or you want to do an epic ride in the Tramuntana mountains from the start over in Andratx to the end here in Puerto Pollensa these guys have it covered! Just click on the link to book and they'll take care of the rest, they have bespoke trailers that keep your bikes safe (seriously each bike gets it's own soft cosy mat to protect it's beautiful paintwork and mechs!) on the transfer to the start of your ride. They have various routes all over the island so now there's no excuses not to ride up to San Salvador monastery or have lunch in beautiful DeiĆ .
Mallorca Cycle Shuttle

For further information to book a massage or organise guided rides for your group/club contact Ottilie via email ottiliequince@gmail.com

OQ Service Courses's friends and what they think...

Miriam Van Reijen - Dutch National Duathlete

"Training at Mallorca usually means going way beyond your comfort zone. I know I can take my training to the next level with Ottilie around. There are few people in which I know my body is in such good hands. Her extended knowledge, and experience as an athlete herself, gives her the extra edge. Ottilie is able to locate, originate and treat every small or larger discomfort I have experienced while being at Mallorca. Not important: she is the greatest motivator around. After you've been to Ottilie you feel you can conquer the world (or at least the Mallorcan hills ;-) ".

David Hill - Paralympic Swimmer, ParaTriathlete & Athlete Mentor.

"Competing for over 17years I've received a fair few massages in that time but Otti was my favourite! It's hard to find a good massage therapist and when you do...keep them!...apart from when they live on a different island to you, gutted!
Thank you for keeping me in one piece when I was on training camp in Mallorca. Otti really worked hard every second for her money and was extremely knowledgeable on all the areas she treated. It's refreshing to have someone so passionate about what they do. THANK YOU! X"

Paul Stewart - Cyclist, Derbyshire, Moda UK.
"Thank you Ottilie for fitting me in short notice in our recent trip to Mallorca to ride the Masters week.  After the short TT on the penultimate day my hamstrings really tightened.  You did a great job for me so much so that I felt great in the race the day after, after an initial good warm up.  Once again many thanks and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any cyclists on the island".

Dave Owen - Cyclist, Shropshire, UK.

"From the start it was clear Ottilie had great in-depth knowledge of cycling specific injuries and common issues cyclist suffer from. She certainly reached those deep down spots and loosened off my legs after a long day out in the saddle! Throughout she chatted away about all things cycling and gave great advice and after finishing off with some stretching we were done and I felt much better. Would I recommend Ottilie? Well I did, my club mate was also very happy with his massage and spoke very highly of her. I will also return for more 'iron thumbs' in the Spring on my return".

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