Ottilie's Cycling

Up coming races/events

World Transplant games Malaga, Spain, June 2017
5km time trial and 30km road race.

British Transplant Games, Scotland, UK.
August, 2017.


12 x British Golds

5km TT &10km RR Bath, 2010
5km TT &10km RR Belfast, 2011 
5km TT &10km RR Kent, 2012
5km TT &10km RR Bolton, 2014
5km TT &10km RR Newcastle, 2015
5km TT &10km RR Liverpool, 2016
4 x European Golds

5km TT & 20km RR Zagreb, Croatia, 2012
5km TT & 20km RR Krakow, Poland, 2014

6 x World Golds

5km TT & 20km RR Goteburg, Sweden, 2011 
5km TT & 20km RR Durban, South Africa, 2013
5km TT & 20km RR Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 2015

Cycling bio

I started cycling after my kidney transplant as a way of regaining my fitness, prior to my transplant I played football in the third tier of national football. After my operation I was told I could no longer play football as the chances of getting hit/elbowed in my new kidney was too high/risky. My Dad bought me my first road bike (Ambrossio Solaro) as a wedding present back in 2008 (it outlasted my marriage!). I used to ride my Gary Fisher MTB as a form of transport to get me to college and home whilst I was studying for my A Levels in 1998.

My very first bike race was in Bath in 2010 for the British Transplant games where I represented my transplant hospital - Addenbrookes (Cambridge, England). In 2011 I won my first world championships in Goteborg, Sweden. In 2013 I bought myself a track bike (a Forte Moda) and took part in two national omniums (Herne Hill & Welwyn) against regular riders - I didn't finish last! Then there omniums in 2014 (Herne Hill, Welwyn & Bournemouth).

Last year I started Crit racing against regular riders (riders who have all of their own organs) and gained 10 points; 2 points shy of my 3rd category race licence. I also take part in local 10 mile time trials and so far my PB is 26.09 on my road bike.

I won the European transplant & dialysis games time trial & road race overall in 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia  and then both again in Kraków, Poland in 2014.

I won both the time and road race in my age group in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2011 and won both races overall in all age categories in Durban, South Africa 2013 and most recently in Mar Del Plata, Argentina in August 2015.

I am currently Triple World, Double European and multiple British Transplant champion and the captain of the Great Britain Transplant cycling team. I race domestically for CC Luton.

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