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Up coming races/events

World Transplant games Newcastle Gateshead, England August 2019
10km time trial and 30km road race.

British Transplant Games, Newport.
July, 2019.
5km time trial and 20km road race.


16 x British Golds

5km TT &10km RR Bath, 2010
5km TT &10km RR Belfast, 2011 
5km TT &10km RR Kent, 2012
5km TT &10km RR Bolton, 2014
5km TT &10km RR Newcastle, 2015
5km TT &10km RR Liverpool, 2016

6 x European Golds

5km TT & 20km RR Zagreb, Croatia, 2012
5km TT & 20km RR Krakow, Poland, 2014
Only female to compete in TT & RR in Vantaa, Finland, 11th overall in TT & 12th overall in RR (out of 36).
5km TT & 20km RR Sardinia, Italy, 2018

8 x World Golds

5km TT & 20km RR Goteburg, Sweden, 2011 
5km TT & 20km RR Durban, South Africa, 2013
5km TT & 20km RR Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 2015
5km TT & 20km RR Malaga, Spain, 2017

Cycling bio

I started cycling after my kidney transplant as a way of regaining my fitness, prior to my transplant I played football in the third tier of national football. After my operation I was told I could no longer play football as the chances of getting hit/elbowed in my new kidney was too high/risky. My Dad bought me my first road bike (Ambrossio Solaro) as a wedding present back in 2008 (it outlasted my marriage!). I used to ride my Gary Fisher MTB as a form of transport to get me to college and home whilst I was studying for my A Levels in 1998.

My very first bike race was in Bath in 2010 for the British Transplant games where I represented my transplant hospital - Addenbrookes (Cambridge, England). In 2011 I won my first world championships in Goteborg, Sweden. In 2013 I bought myself a track bike (a Forte Moda) and took part in two national omniums (Herne Hill & Welwyn) against regular riders - I didn't finish last! Then three national omniums in 2014 (Herne Hill, Welwyn & Bournemouth).

I started Crit racing against regular riders (riders who have all of their own organs) in 2013 and gained 10 points; 2 points shy of my 3rd category race licence. I also take part in local 10 mile time trials and so far my PB is 26.09 on my road bike.

I am currently 8 times World, 6 times European and multiple British Transplant champion and the captain of the Great Britain Transplant cycling team. I race domestically for CC Luton.

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